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Bubblox is a modular system of building blocks similar to Lego with the difference of being tolerant to common artifacts in 3d printing (eg. Warping and shrinkage) 
Since there is no manufacturer that dictates which building blocks will be distributed, it will stimulate children not only to build things with Bubblox, but also to design and print their own blocks, based on a few simple design rules.Building with Bubblox is easy. The blocks easily slide into place, which makes building fast as well. Once you have few layers, the structure becomes more stable as you continue upwards. In contrary with kapla, it is easier to build precise shapes like with lego, while still being able to pile up the blocks like with kaplaCurrently I have uploaded a basic library of building blocks. My goal is that children will not only have fun building with the blocks, but also develop their own based on the design sheet. New blocks can be easily created in Rhino, Spaceclaim, openscad, sketchup, to name a few.

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