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Titan E3D UM Mount for flat nema stepper

The mount is designed to be used with UM + or other printers with identical XY rods configuration.

I use small flat stepper motor to reduce the loss of print area (Loss is in the y axis about the thickness of the motor). Because of the shorter threads in the motor, I needed to use the stepper distance modifier, few mm between the motor and the Titan so there is one attached. Although I suggest using nylon nuts because the motor becomes very warm (around 60C)

It is a fairly simple model to be used with 4 screws provided with the Titan. Upper two screws (long ones) use a distance plate which also serves to hold the wires in place. One of the lower screws goes through the bearing cylinder, so I suggest adding it before bearings are inserted.

The hotend is at the same height as standard UM hotend (slight z endstop adjustment needed).

Cooling shroud is not included, I use the snap on designed and shared previously, but working on an improvement.

The flat stepper motor I use is rated for 1A of power. Standard Nema 17 motor for UM extruder is much higher (up to 2A) and if not corrected, the smaller motor will overheat which will cause problems with the extruder. I reduce the motor current in Cura start gcode:
M907 X1100 Y1100 Z1100 E850

New elements have been added. Flat stepper CANNOT run reliably without heat sinks, so couple of them have been attached. Also, new hotend fan cooling bracket with print cooling fans mount have been added, to make a complete setup. Cura Machine settings property "E-steps per 1mm filament" should be set to 350 to use with the setup. Also, retraction distance of 1.5mm with retraction speed of 25mm/sec works perfectly. I have added 2 12V 40mm fans in series and connected to the standard UM 19V output. It works great with minimum 40% power for them to start running.


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