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Is a working spigot possible?

I would like to make a fully printed spigot for a rain barrel. This is my first attempt and it is far from water proof. I know that I could add rubber rings to 2 or 3 locations to make it fully functional and waterproof but I am curious if others have a design that will work with PLA and no additional parts.

Feel free to start with my design or come up with something entirely new and different. A design using ABS is fine but continuing to use PLA is preferred.

More Information: I created a second design (Spigot II). It is generally the same but it allows me to print it such that the layers for both parts are in the same orientation. I also made this design very tight on purpose, too tight. I printed with the tip hotter to allow for better adhesion between the layers. I also sanded things to make things smooth. To made a long story short the thing still leaks. with the spigot in the closed position with very little pressure drops of water still leak.

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