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V 2 Engine Model

After buying a Moto Guzzi V7 i wanted to make a model of a 90°-V2-engine.
So here it is the Version 1.0 next version will also have cylinderheads, valves and a camshaft.
But this will take more effort and time than this simple model.
Nevertheless its a beautiful model and i did not see anything comparable on Youmagine sofar.

Printing: Print two times Conrod1/2, Cylinder, Piston, Piston bold The rest has only to be printed once. I printed it with my Prusa l3, support is only needet at crankshaft1 and the Cylinders.

Stick both parts of the crankshaft in the housing it will fit without glue, put the crank on the right side.

Then glue the cylinders on the housing make sure that the holes align well.
now put the piston bold through the first hole in the piston, put it through the conrod then in the second hole of the piston. You might need a hammer.

Start pushing the first piston through the cylinder and glue the second conrod part on the other side make sure you don´t glue it on the crankshaft.

After the glue is dried you can lube it a bit with siliconspray.

Ideas and critic in the comment section would be nice.

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