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E3D Titan extruder bracket for Solidoodle printer

Update 6/22/16: I discovered that the original design didn't bump the X axis limit switch, so I extended the right side of the bracket so it will bump the switch when homing the X axis. I apologize for any inconvenience this error may have caused.

This bracket allows you to mount an E3D Titan extruder on a Solidoodle printer. I also mounted an E3D Lite 6 hot-end. It uses the original extruder mounting screws, but I cut 15 mm off their length. I shifted the extruder to allow access to the mounting screws on either side of the Lite 6 heatsink.

The bracket is 4 mm thick and you can use the 12 mm long M3 screw to attach the extruder to the lower right corner of the motor. I used the original motor.

I have not calibrated the extruder and hot-end yet but will update this post when I have done so.

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