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Desktop Hydroponics

This is a 4 tier hydroponic system, it is still a work in progress. Use small pots or directly in the system itself. It was built to fit the Ultimaker 2 platform as per the dimensions they state, but after I noticed it needed to be printed at 98% to properly print. Normal to high quality print only. Need to ensure it is water tight for siphon to work properly.

A 5 gallon bucket design is also included, made to fit a 11,75in ID standard bucket.

I designed a clear or natural print cover to fit. But at this point it is not necessary. 

I printed a very small scale version to test the siphon system; it functioned. When the container became near full the drain began to drain until it was near empty again. Some will adjustments to the bell siphon exit port or to the pump will need to be made. This is to properly match the flow output vs input. The output should always be higher than the input. This way the water will never overflow and only fully drain then fill again.
Scaled down test can be seen here:

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