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Pebble Charger

A small USB charger for your Pebble Smartwatch.


Orient the part in your printer as illustrated in one of the images, it was designed to be printed this way. A support structure is not necessary, while a brim helps to prevent warping.

For the connectors: you will need a metal wire that is flexible enough to shape it nicely, but rigid enough to maintain its form in the end. I found that single-core jumper wires do this job just fine. To put the wires in place, you will probably need some tweezers.

Two important notes: 

I found that the DIY USB plug works very well. However, as with any non-certified plug, there is always a risk of damage to your equipment. Please be careful and use at your own risk!

Before using, check your print for any sharp edges, especially on the side opposite to the USB plug. Burrs or sharp edges might slightly scratch the plastic housing on the right side of your Pebble.

Have fun!

Special thanks to Acen for sharing his ideas!

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