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Extended Ultimaker Original + 3Dkanjers "Width" edition

Especially for the makers among us ( Fablabers , teachers , learning-by-doing Students and geeks) with the aim to inspire everyone to not only see the 3D printer is a fantastic making machine as well as a machine you can also (re)make.

On the internet you find many initiatives around the Ultimaker Original. A large group of enthusiasts are printing with liquid material (chocolate, clay, etc.). Or take Joris van Tubergen, he brought this 3D printer to unprecedented levels.

Many 3D printer manufacturers provide higher 3D printers, so larger objects can be printed. But what if you want to go wider? From a designer's perspective or in terms of material, this can definitely be a big need.

So that's what we did. We build an Ultimaker Original + with a double sized printing bed (180 x 460). A one-off.

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