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Desktop Bladeless Fan V2


Desktop bladeless fan, Version 2!
Uses a custom designed impeller to move the air instead of a normal fan.
Airflow is much higher on this Version 2.

Things you'll need:

RS-380 motor; (Don't use this motor higher than 8000 RPM!) - Carbon-Brush-Motor-/121992439564
PWM speed controller;
3x 624 Bearing;
4x ISO4762 or ISO4014 M4 x 10 bolt;
4x M4 nut

Optional Things:

A metal shaft, see in pictures. (A normal 3D-printed shaft will work fine but a metal, turned shaft reduces vibration and noise.)
Dust filter or fine mesh so the impeller doesn't clog up over time.
Rubber feet

Assembly Instructions:

Download the Assembly manual here:

see below.


20-3-2017: Updated eBay RS-380 motor link. (eBay seller changed link)

19-7-2016: Updated the 'ShaftCoupling' and added 'Impeller-Cap'.

23-7-2016: Uploaded Assembly manual.

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