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Tyrannosaurus rex thighbone

The Naturalis Biodiversity Center is excavating a Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton in Montana. The museum scanned the actual thighbone of the T.rex, which had been broken into 2 parts, to create this 3D model. A life-size (2 meter total) 3D printed version of this model will be part of the T.rex skeleton displayed in the museum.

The original thighbone was broken into 2 pieces; to print the entire bone you need to print both a Top and Bottom. There are 2 sets of files included in this design: the original models created by Naturalis, and those of the bones already split and optimized for 3D printing. The split pieces can easily be glued together using a key that slots into both pieces for easy alignment.

Check out our printing tutorial, which includes a guide teaching you how to split the original bone models for easy printing, here:

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