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Hello everybody,

This is a fully generated 3-D Printer made with OpenScad. Everything you need is in that one .scad file. Its your decision how you want to build it because of its parametric design. I reached a Workspace Area of 360x600x270mm (X/Y/Z). But its not that easy to build ;-)

There is no Extruder at the moment because i use it for commercial selling plastic signs. Some accuracy examples are here:
If there is any interest, I would design an baseplate for mounting an extruder on the X-Axis-Carrier.

All Information you need are written down by me at the following Link:

More Description can be found in the RepRapWiki

If there is any interest in my Project, I will work with more interest on the GitHub Wiki for a better description ;-)

Your email is used to contact you if we need more information.

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