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Magnifying Glass Mount for IKEA Jansjo Lamp

Needed a Magnifying Lamp for detail work sometimes, but was a bit surprised at how much they cost. Used a 4" magnifying glass I already had (from a bookstore) and my trusty IKEA Jansjö that is always handy and it was a match made in heaven.

The magnifying glass handle unscrews to insert into the part and then screw back on. The section that mounts on the lamp will take a little persuasion to open wide enough to slip on. I designed it to mount on the collet, just above the lamp head as that part does get warm and I didn't want PLA softening issues.

I designed for (2) M3 screws, but ended up using just (1) M4 instead and it's more than strong enough.

Suggested position is to keep the lens on the inward side of the lamp (between head and base/mount) to avoid extraneous weight on the flexible shaft. It is very stable and balanced this way.

Print Settings
Printer: FLUX Delta
Rafts: No
Supports: No
Resolution: 150
Infill: 20%

Prints just fine without supports or rafts with the split hole vertical and the solid hole horizontal. The overhang angles are not an issue at all.

Trim, file, adjust as necessary for the thickness of your magnifying glass.

Some coaxing to slip the collar over the Jansjö lamp gooseneck shaft was needed, I just spread the collar ends a little with a screwdriver to get it started. Then it slipped into place and then slide it up to clamp on the collet just above the lamp head.

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