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Overhead Bracket for Security Token

This bracket is for keeping the Digipass 831 security token from Postfinance at his assigned position.
Always when I had to make some internet banking I searched my Digipass device from Postfinance. So i decided to to assign a fixe place where i store the Digipass. Because i already have many things on my desk t designed this brackte to store the Digipass underneath the desk surface.

This Bracket is designed for a Digipass with the measuring of 62mm with, 12mm height and approximately 90mm lenght. If you need some other dimensions, I can generate a *.stl for you.

Generally it is a general purpose bracket. It can also be mounted on a wall, either for putting the device in from above, or from the side. Mounted upstanding on the wall you can use your Digipass without removing it out of the bracket.

If you don't know what a Digipass is... go to

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