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Fanhao cooler for wanhao i3

This provides a front blower fan mount and fan duct for the wanhao i3,
while leaving the nozzle unobstructed.

Support material can be used, but not internally. I haven't tested PLA,
but I doubt it would work without the part warping or drooping during use.
Print with PET, ABS or any other filament that can withstand the heat
from the hotend.

The 2 M3 Screws that mounted the stock fan work fine for mounting it,
you will also need 2 M3 nuts, an M4x20mm screw, and an M4 Nut.

The 2 fins that help to hold in the blower fan are quite fragile, be
careful with them.

I've tested this on my Wanhao di3 v2

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