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Darth Maul's Lightsaber

The lightsaber of the Sith Lord, Darth Maul!

As a double bladed saber, this is a pretty big print, you'll need to print:

2 Emitter C's
6 Emitter B's
2 Emitter A's
2 Outer Emitters
2 Inner Emitters
4 Transitions
2 Upper Chambers
4 Red Buttons
4 Silver Buttons
4 Upper Inserts
4 Lower Inserts
2 Lower Chambers
1 Double Male Transition (This is the piece that connects the two halves)

I printed Emitter B, A and the Outer Emitter with supports, and all of the STLs are in the orientation I printed them. Much like Qui-Gon's saber this hilt has quite a few 90 degree overhangs and I included versions of the Upper and Lower Chambers with custom supports generated in Meshmixer which I used (these are labeled MM Upper Chamber and MM Lower Chamber), but please play around with them and let me know what worked best for you to print those tricky pieces!

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