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UM2+ Lazy Lever

Disengaging the feeder lever on the Ultimaker2+ can be a bit of a pain, on your fingers mostly. This is a slightly re-designed lever that is longer and has a "jammer" that you can slide into feeder to lock the lever in place so you can feed in or remove filament easily.

A word of warning, your original lever might be glued together. This will make it very difficult to take apart without breaking it. If you do break it you obviously void your warranty.

I suggest printing it solid for strength and I also used CPE+ for some extra heat resistance. You might also want to consider glueing the two halves together. I haven't put a whole lot of print time on mine yet (only 50-60 hours) so I don't know if it'll split apart at the seam.

Update: I've now put a few hundred hours on it, and it's still going strong

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