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Nerf pistol with clip

Files have been moved to Cults3D

5 days of development and we got this, a handheld and quickly reloadable nerfgun that is also super easy to build!

2016-10-30 edit: Updated body2 to v1.1, it's easier to assemble with a thinner cover for the screwholes. The cover is there in the stl to make sure it prints correctly with as little support as possible.

2017-01-02 edit: Added final parts for 75mm long nerfs, reprint the files ending with V1.2.
-Longer/wider clip and adjusted geometry on the bodies to accommodate longer darts.
-Moved slide rail down a bit to make it easier to put together and take apart.
-Strengthened the slide where it most often broke/delaminated
-More gap added to make sure the firing bolt does not hit the slide reload mechanism.

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