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E3D Volcano Silicone Casting Mold

UPDATE: After being Featuerd on Hackaday ( I decided to finish the tweaks i've been wanting to do, and remove the horrid text on the first layer. Please only use "Rev 2" models!!! Also included is now Rhino 4 and 5 native files, as well as STEP files.

This printable mold is for the original e3d Volcano block, and will not fit the new thermistor cartridge style block.

Print this and cast some high temperature silicone, to get your very own e3d volcano sleeve! This product is not an offical E3D product, and is the only existing version to my knowledge, at least that isn't garbage. Please excercise caution in all steps of this process, always read your msds for chemicals you aren't familiar with, and always check safe operating temp ranges for anything you install on your printer.

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