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Jellyfish drooloops customizable

These are really fun to design and print. Each print job is fun since there's a slight element of randomness. The randomness is because we are deliberately "printing in the air" to create the "drooloops" (droop+loop) that make these Jellyfish look so amazing.

These slicer settings worked well so far with the models I have uploaded, or any model you make if you don't change settings on the advanced section of the file.

ALL UNITS millimeters (mm)
layer_height = 0.2
wall_thickness = 0.8
solid_layer_thickness = 0.8
fill_density = 17
support = None
platform_adhesion = None
solid_top = True
solid_bottom = True

Feel free to experiment and let everyone know if you find improvements or just interesting results. One person's "interesting results" may be another person's "that exactly what I was looking for!".

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