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80mm Screwless Vice

A wanted to replace my cheap vice with one that does not have the jaw tilt up. I found this design and improved upon in.

It uses a central bolt to pull the jaw closed, but also down towards the body. This give it good clamping force but also maintains the jaw level.

To use, loosen the handle and press the jaw up against the part to be clamped, press down gently on the pivot handle, then tighten until the pin catches. Tighten as necessary.

You will need an M5 nut, washer, and a bolt at least 55mm long if you do not use the handle or at least 95mm if you do.

You will also need 6x 20mm M3 nuts and bolts to secure the body to the base. The base piece is optional, but recommended.

Here is a video about the build!

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