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Ultimaker 2+ Tool & Nozzle Holder (Left Hand Side)

This is my first ever design for 3D printing, I don't have the time to learn CAD in full yet so, used Tinkercad online, which is extremely intuitive and easy to use.

I searched for ages trying to find a tool/nozzle holder for my new Ultimaker 2+, but couldn't find one that held all the tools that came in the box with the printer. So, I decided to make it my very first project/design.

There is a lot pf platforming and I would now do it differently, but this is my first ever attempt so, I like

It has holders for the calibration card, SD card, razor blade, glue stick, 4 nozzles, three alum keys and the spanner. It uses a lot of PLA and takes a while, but I think it's worth it for sake of tidiness (I'm a neat freak!). It is specifically for the left hand side of the U2+ as there is a 1mm difference in the thickness of the side walls between left and right.

I hope you like it....

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