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Eco3D Filament Spool Hole Reduction for original PRUSA i3 Printer

I started to use filaments from new source:
and I wanted to make the reduction for the spools as well. So I remixed my original Prusa filament spool reduction.

Reduction_ECO_big_hole.stl is for 0.25kg filament spool.
Reduction_ECO_small_hole.stl is for 1 kg filament spool.

Btw, check them out if you want. They make good filaments.

While I was into it I added universal Scad file for your convenience. You just edit three basic variables and produce your own different size spool reduction.
Variables are:
Diameter of the spool hole.
Width of the rim in spool hole.
Diameter of spindle of spool holder.
and thats it.

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