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This is a remix of: Graber i3.

This design was made to replace all printed parts in the frame.
Every effort is made out of 6 mm plywood or acrylic.



2 X M3 X 25MM (Z endstop)
4 X M3 X 35MM (bed levelling)
1 X M3 X 12MM
1 X M3 X 25MM
3 X M3 X 30MM Ramps 1.4
22 X M3 X 10MM (motors, belts, hotend lock)
58 X M4 X 20MM
12 X M4 X 16MM
6 X M4 X 12MM

2 X M5 X 300MM threaded bar
3 X M8 X 130MM threaded bar (filament spool)
1 X M8 X 50


2 x M5
76 X M4
33 x M3
12 X M8

Smooth rods 8MM
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2 X 330MM
2 X 380MM
2 X 400MM

2 X 624ZZ ball bearing
1 X 608ZZ ball bearing

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