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Kossel Pro Delta E3D V6 End Effector Version 5

This is another attempt at making an end effector for the kossel pro and e3d v6 hotend. It is a direct replacement for the stock end effector. Arm spacing and radius are the same as stock. My previous few have cooled off the heater block too fast so hopefully this one doesn't. The pictured EE is printed in PLA on my other printer to test fit.

Another goal of this design was to limit the interference between the fans and the arms, so i've put the fans in the center and reduced the part cooling fans from 3 to 2. A new duct system puts the air flow closer to the nozzle, which will hopefully improve PLA prints greatly. It provides 230 degrees of cooling and mounts to the bottom with 3 #4 screws.

Other minor improvements include a cable tie mount for clean cable routing and a single bolt hot end clamp to reduce the bulk and number of parts needed. Single layer tabs aid in bed adhesion for small surface area sections.

see the older version 3:

Parts List:
E3d V6 Hotend
3x 30x30x10mm fans 24V or 12V depending on your printer
9x #4 5/8" thread rolling screws for plastic (amazon)
3x 5x37mm internally threaded tube (comes stock with the kossel pro)
1x M3x4mmx5mm Female Threaded Brass Knurled Insert Embedded Nut (amazon)
1x M3 10 or 12mm bolt (you should have a few laying around)

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