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Merchant of Venus Storage Solution

Designed for easy set-up. Each civilisation is in its own tray which can be placed beneath the board.
After the game they can be returned into its own boxes which will be stored left and right of the inlay.

The prints are designed to be glued together using hot glue. Some elements like the handle may need some scaling if another glue will be used.

The storage for the money should be installed mirrored opposed to the installation on the image. Otherwise you have to be careful not to drop it when lifting the box.

For Merchant of Venus you require 14 prints of the culture trays, two handle and one part of each box. There are alternative version for box 1 which prevents the culture trays to be inserted in one direction.

I'm not happy about the players boxes but you can simple skip them and just use the boxes.

Be aware that this solution doesn't include the any storage for the item required for the classic game only

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