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UM3 Front cover hook (non-intrusive)

Does not require any modification to your UM3, print two of these and attach them to a 32.4x29.0 mm 4mm thick transparent material (acrylic, pc, or any other to your liking). The size I used ensures the front cover is nicely closed and the controlpanel remains well accessible.

Print material is not highly critical and depends on the temperatures you build up in your machine. I have used Polymaker PC-MAX for mine.

I have chosen the keep it stupidly SIMPLE to allow for adding a top-cover.

Make sure to mount the hooks 20mm from the left and right edge of the plate (when using mentioned width) to ensure that the M3 bolts pointing inwards gets required clearance.

Additional hardware that I used:
2 ea M3x20 with hex head (M3x10 will work, I had the 20's available and work just as fine)
4 ea M3 washers
2 ea self-locking M3 nut

When you find that the plate used is not complete flat, may I suggest adding magnets to the bottom edges to ensure the front is nicely closed.

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