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Streamlined DripTip

I really don't like the ejuice from my ecig getting into my mouth, either from an over enthusiastic draw, or my atomizer deciding to spit up some scalding liquid onto my lips, so I designed this drip tip which filters the vape and stops this behavior once and for all.

Additionally, because of the internal piping system, this drip tip also cools the vape before it gets to your mouth, which is a must with some of the newer high powered cloud chaser mods that present you with a plume of super heated vape. It also protects your lips from any hot parts of the ecigs existing drip tip as it covers it completely.

Design files are include along with an STLs for the Kangertech Cupti, Kangertech Pangu atomizers. To use with a different atomizer, just resize the bottom hole to fit over your existing drip tip.

18/12/2016 - Added a short version (sized for Pangu in the STL) which allows my eCig to fit in a case I have for it. Other differences are because of the smaller, tighter air-flow, the draw is less cool than on the full length version, which some people prefer.

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