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MKII 5 Watt 3d printable Wind Turbine

Please see MKI for printed part pictures and assembly animations.

The MkII has three design improvements, the first is an all important tail fin to allow the turbine to turn into the wind and extract the maximum wind energy in changeable conditions, the second is a stiffer tower structure with bigger bearings and increased diameter locating pin to support the increased loads from the tail whilst allowing for the third improvement which is the inclusion of Split Ring Electronics. The Split Ring Electronics allows the turbine to spin around the tower axis without any limitations it brings the power electronics into the tower where there is more space and its easier to access.

The MkII requires the following new parts:
• Structure
• Rear Structure
• Tower Header
• Nacelle

This fully functional wind turbine has been specifically design to be manufactured, assembled and operated at home with its unique 3d printable design. The wind turbine is optimized to produce a power output of 5 Watt (12volt ~0.4amps) at 5m/s wind speeds, perfect for battery charging applications.
The wind turbine has been designed with a unique Passive Variable Pitch (PVP) design. The PVP maintains an optimum power output through control of the turbines rotational speed. Whilst optimizing power output the PVP also protects the Turbine from dangerous over speed conditions, limiting its maximum revolutions per minute in wind speeds greater than 5m/s.
The main components of the turbine have been designed for Additive Layer Manufacturing (ALM) methods using PLA plastic. 95% of the ALM components require no post processing as these parts do not require ‘print supports’ reducing material usage whilst improving the overall finish of the part.

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