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Modern Bow Tie

Be part of the first people to revolutionize the fashion industry with this sophisticated and unique bow tie! The perfect bow tie for any occasion or gift!


The designs include both a button or strap clip which means it can either be worn directly on the top shirt button or it can use a common bow tie strap to prevent hanging.

Furthermore there is also an adaptable and non-adaptable version. The adaptable version can interchangeably use the button or strap clip whilst the non-adaptable version requires the clip to be permanently attached with an adhesive.
I suggest using the adaptable version for more precise printers and the non-adaptable version for less precise printers as the sliding parts may not fit properly if the printer is not accurate enough.

The clip-on parts have been designed separately to prevent the use of structures for the bow tie body. Only some of the clip-ons may require structures.


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