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UM2 Hood (Simple to make)

This is a Hood made from 2 mm Acrylic sheet with the printed parts.
The hood sits on the top surface and locates on the recessed corners of the top edges on the Ultimaker, using two small magnets on the front to prevent tipping. Designed to sit within the top edge allowing my dovetail mounting system to still be used on the top edges.
The Hood overhangs the back slightly to allow the cable and bowden tube access and minimise drafts and heat loss, it is also suitable for those with feeders on both sides.
The top hinges open to allow easy access and can be positioned in one of several locations.
At the moment I am using Duct tape to hinge the 3 lid pieces together as this gives full flexibility and I have not yet decided on a camera mount or the type of knob etc for the lid.

2mm thick acrylic sheet can be obtained from a local DIY centre and can be easily scored and snapped with a suitable tool and a straight edge. There was no machining of the acrylic sheets other than drilling the mounting holes, and a little filing to finish.
The mounting holes on the plastic parts were tapped M3.

Update 29th April 2017
Parts added that can be used to make the hood from 3mm sheet.
these all have the suffex of 3mmA.
The parts given all make one side , (the left side as you look at it) you will need to mirror the two pieces that make the bottom front corner, the bottom back corner and the top back corner.
I have not built them to check as I don't have 3mm sheet.
You will also need to adjust the width of the back piece, the top and the other pieces that cross from the two sides, (this should be by 2mm from the dimensions given)

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