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Animatronic Little Bit Fish

This is a robotic fish my 5th Grade students have been working on!

This is a remix of Davision3d's "Fish" file. The students removed the tail, eye and jaw to create movable parts. This was done on Tinkercad.

They have used Little Bits to build the moving parts - tail, jaw, and possibly the eye. The fish is designed to be seen from the "front side," which is the fish facing left as you look at it. The back side is where they mount the Little Bits.

They printed it in glow-in-the-dark Hatchbox PLA.

Once they have the robotic fish working, their next goal is to control it over wifi, and ultimately use it as an instructional tool to teach other students about fish.

It should be complete soon! We will upload parts, photos and video as we can.

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