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Just in time for XMas. Offer a gift to your geeky boss or partner !

The hypeosaur allows visualizing hypecycle elements []. Creating this thing needs a laser cutter. With some extra work, it also should be 3D printable (e.g. use OpenScad to extrude from the SVG).

Hypeosaurs are hybrids from supersaurus (long necks, flower eating) and theropods (bi-pedal, people eating). The drawing was made from various Wikipedia pictures.

Essential files:
* hypeosaure-lasercut-model.svg - The hypeosaur - 5mm material required
* stabilizer.svg - to stabilize, push into the feet from the bottom (and other places if you like) - 3mm material required (else it won't fit)
* hype-label.svg - hype element (add text to it)- 3mm material

Extra files:
* .prep files allow tuning sizes and other stuff
* .set files include label sets, label-umn-edutech-set.svg includes all elements from 2016 edition.

To create your own labels, we suggest editing label-empty-set.svg. We used the Verdana font and size of 9 or 10. Make sure that the lettering is either black or full blue or both (else change the settings in your laser print driver)

Instead of creating two hypeosaurs, you also could use a single one. This is why the labels also have an inset in the middle. Also notice that the mouth of one can bite the tail of another, reflecting the fact that Gartner's hype cycle model is not always accurate. In particular in education, it takes several 10-15 year cycles to get something going....

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