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Abacus drive V0 & V1

I saw this great design by SRI International on hackaday for a gearbox and I had to figure out how the principle worked (see links).
Therefor I made the design. I haven't printed it yet but I plan to do so on my Ultimaker 3.
I'm not sure if it is patented but it is a very interesting design nevertheless :D.

Feel free to print it and comment, I would like to get this design working.

Revision log:
- It is designed to fit two 16*8*8 bearings to enable a smooth movement.
- Ofcourse I added the source files so feel free to make adjustments (sorry for the dirty modeling this time).

- Designed to fit two 16*8*8 bearings (one in the top and one in the bottom)
- Design changed to use 7x 8mm balls (because I had these lying around from an old bearing)
- Smaller (to print faster)
- Space between balls and housing increased (previous 0.3mm, now 0.4mm)

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