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UM2+ UM3 Feeders

UPDATE: Made the stepper cover screw mount a through hole and made more clearance for filament to make it easier to insert filament. Improvements thanks to Krys
This is a printable version of the UM2+ and Both UM3 feeders.
There are 2 versions of each LHS and RHS feeder. One uses the original UM2 stepper that has a 22mm shaft length (UM2 Stepper Feeder). The other uses the UM2+ or UM3 Stepper motor which has a 13mm shaft length (UM2 Plus Stepper Feeder)
You will need the inner working of the feeder which you can buy from your local reseller - List Below. Or you can buy the UM2+ upgrade Kit and remove the parts from the included feeder.

UM2go Version found here:

I have not printed these versions so please report any problems and i will fix them.

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