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Stick man with magnets

Try to beat your office mates or family members for the highest or the weirdest stick-man tower. After that, you can use the stick-men on your metallic whiteboard or your fridge

This easy to print series of stick-men are meant to be fitted out with 5x5 cylindrical or 5x5x5 cubic magnets. All should be printed with some TPE (e.g. Ninja Flex), but the 9mm ones also can be printed with a hard plastic like PLA.

The 5mm ones are meant to be bendable
The 9mm ones are stackable
The 7mm one is in-between

The OpenSCAD files should include the same code and allow customizing in any way you like, e.g. see the parent project for example and also take into consideration new parameters we added.

You could order magnets from Search for "5x5mm neodymium magnet" or 5x5x5 ones. A pack of 100 cost less than 10 Euros/$ and it took 2 weeks to arrive in Switzerland.

The reason why I did this is that I wanted to experiment with both TPE and magnets and learn about their physical constraints. Two lessons learned: (1) Bigger than 5mm Ninja flex sticks with 15% infill do not bend very easily. (2) Small strong magnets are not that strong...

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