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Hardcore Nozzle Changer

This tool can be used to change the nozzle of the Ultimaker 3 without breaking anything.

It's only to be used with the HardCore from 3DSolex! Use at your own risks and with caution :)

Print it in one color (or dual if you want) and slide the tool provided with the Hardcore kit.

Depending on the material you may need to apply a bit of force to insert it.

Example in the picture was printed with Biofilla Platec and Colorfabb PLA/PHA (red).

Print with some infill (at least 15% and 3 shells).


Added thin version that will print faster and easier in dual (no more vertical text).

Print on the back.


Added even thinner version with a bit more tolerance for the tool hole


Video to use the nozzle changer:


Added design with larger trumpet insert

(Compatible with the previous logo model)

--> UltraThinMainBodyLargerTrumpet.stl

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