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Hairy lion (dual color) with Cura 3MF file

This lion is a dual material version of primoz's design. It's configured to have the manes in a different color than the body of the lion. Obviously you can pick your own colors.

What's this, a 3MF file?

This new file format is a 3MF file. 3MF is the 3D Manufacturing Format supported by most 3D printer manufacturers, 3D printing service bureaus and CAD software houses.

You can load the 3MF file with any software that is 3MF compliant. 3MF also allows software to add useful metadata to it. When saving a 3MF file (from Cura version 2.4) it conveniently packages all project related information including the settings and all the parts you've added to the build plate. This allows you or the next person using Cura to save time, especially if you've already merged multiple meshes into one part, created efficient build-plates or set specific settings for specific parts of a print job.

You can find the latest Cura at

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How to groom the hair

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