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HK-25 Omnidirectional Loudspeaker

I stumbled upon a pair of these vintage loudspeakers on Craigslist and while I couldn't justify buying a full-sized pair, I thought they were so unique that I wanted to recreate them in 3D printable form.

Each speaker consists of a top and bottom part. The bottom is designed to accomodate a 50mm aluminum driver as is found in many inexpensive "iPod" speaker docks. Additionally there is a small cut-out in the base of the bottom part where a speaker terminal can be added.

The top sets above the speaker with the diffusion cone facing down (toward the speaker). It can be attached with adhesive once you're happy with the arrangement.

The speakers are designed to project sound in a 360 degree area. The diffusion cone has an unusual shape which was copied from the original design. I'm not sure if the intention is to give the speakers some degree of directionality to preserve the stereo image, or if the shape serves some other purpose, but I tried to keep the model in line with the original design regardless (a photo of an actual pair of HK-25's is included for reference).

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