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The Vornaments!

It could be said that they represent the inescapable future of all glass ornaments - with a deconstructed surface based on a [Voronoi](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Voronoi_diagram) tessellation. Or maybe, they just represent digital complexity for complexity's sake. Either way, they look awesome.  
Presented here is a set of 7, which vary in size, detail, and energy of deconstruction.  
*The best way to hang them is with a traditional ornament topper, or, as shown here, with my [3D printed version](http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:189367).*  

Ornament numbering (1-7) roughly correlates with difficulty of printing. Regardless, getting the first layer stuck to the build platform, and printing with a thick brim, are essential. Some of the ornaments have very aggressive overhangs, and having your cooling and print temperature dialed in is essential.  
The parts are represented as a solid (ie - filled) because I was getting the best results by letting the slicer create the shell surface. You can print them "without a bottom" in Cura and get a print with a hole in it for hanging, though I found it easier+stronger+faster to print them with uniform 2mm walls all-around, 0% infill, and drill out the hole for hanging afterwards.   

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