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Skate or Try!

 Live out your Tony Hawk dreams while begging your awkward, gangly extremities to *learn how to friggin ollie*.  They've got a gentle rocker on the bottom so you can work on your sea legs and make the experience a little more real.   

*You have been warned: On painted floors, these things are probably better for ice luge training than skateboarding. For a solid grip, keep them on carpet, wood, concrete, asphalt, etc...*  
***v0.6:*** *Slightly larger around the screws for more strength and better stress distribution. More clearance for screws all around.*

***Printing***  Print hot and thick. 3mm+ walls all around, 20% infill. To speed things up I changed my nozzle size in Cura to have the machine put down 0.6mm beads instead of 0.4mm. For extra printed freshness, print with all the filament scraps you have laying around, so that they come out with a little color in the mix.   Still testing the best settings to make these things totally rugged.  

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