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CNC mill - steady rest for 4th axis

This is a very simple steady rest to support parts mounted in the 4th (rotational) axis of a CNC mill.
It supports the stock while milling from the top using a down-spiral or straight flute cutter.
(an up-spiral cutter would lift the stock)

It is designed for T-slot tables with M6 bolts.

2x 608ZZ skateboard ball bearings
4x M8x25 or longer hex-key bolts (or hex bolts)
4x 8.xmm washers for the bearings to not be clamped
2x M8 wingnuts
2x M8 nuts

Updated: Now also works on T-slot tables with 9mm slots and 72mm gaps e.g. on the YOOCNC 6040+Z.

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