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Modular Castle Kit - Lego compatible V2

The Modular Castle Kit - Lego Compatible is a kit to assemble Lego compatible modules into castles and strongholds. You can print just one, several or all components and then play at castle construction, mixing in your own Lego. You can hook together modules like in the picture used to advertise this thing (use simple Lego bricks as connectors) or you can create much wilder "mix with any Lego" structures or you could create a village with different buildings. Some modules are designed to be stacked on top of each other.
There are three types of components:

(1) modules with an easy to print base plate,
(2) modules with a Lego-compatible base plate (stackable)
(3 lighter stackable versions (better vertical fit, faster print, but require a solid 1st layer)

I printed most, but not all of the modules. However, I then also made some minor changes to most of the printed ones and there still may be a few minor glitches. Please examine a thing before you print it.

Slicer and printer settings

Tune your settings with the included standard 4x2 calibration brick. Make sure that the first layer sticks well, in particular when printing Lego-compatible bases (nibbles underneath). A few things to to:


Shells and layers:

One tower takes about 6 hours to print with these settings. I do not recommend printing with lower resolution because wait will be longer. If you print modules with a base plate, you can easily print 4 towers at the same time, in about a day.

Fit with real Lego (TM) and tuning

Fit is about right for printing with 0.25 resolution and medium-fast quality printing. The blocks are maybe a bit too tight for fit with Lego. In that case, heat the piece with a heat gun (or maybe a strong hair dryer), then gently press onto Lego (TM). If the fit is too loose, change the slicer settings (or much better, generate your own version with OpenSCAD, see below).

OpenSCAD code / tuning / creating

This kit was made with an OpenSCAD library called Doblo Factory. I created a first version in 2012 that was refactored by Daniel M. Taub (2012/13). Since then I made a few minor changes. The version you should use (it includes this castle kit) is available as a zip file:

Here, I only included the scad file that generates these blocks. It provides a list of the models. A typical tower includes mostly about 20-30 function calls, generating Lego block elements plus some openScad "hand code".

If you download the full Doblo Factory code (, also see the URL in the scad) file, you can:

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