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310ml Sealant Tube Nozzle

I needed a custom nozzle for robot controlled application of gaskets, and its crazy how little information there is to find about these 310ml glue tubes.
I found a few nozzles on thingiverse, but none of them fit, thread pitch was too small.
These threads have a 3mm pitch, screws on nicely.

SO after hit and miss a few hours of modeling and test print, i had a thread that works for atleast the tubes we have in Norway. I would think it should be a standard and used all over the place, but seems not ?.

There are stl's for a short nozzle with 3mm opening (for my robot project) and an endcap
version to prevent curing overnight.

I also uploaded a open threaded part in variuos 3d formats so you can model a tip of your own.

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