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Configurable Delta Spool Holder

WIP - This is a Delta Spool Holder for my Griffin Pro XL. All other versions on Thingiverse would not fit my hard drive bearing so I created this one in openscad so that it could be used for any size bearing. I used M4 screws and inserts for the platform, but it can be force fit by lowering tolerance and require no additional fasteners. I will add the tolerances I found to the code later, but each printer will be slightly different as tolerances are in the 0.5mm range for force fitting. (Currently using this adapter for drive bearing to spindle mount. Works well press fit:, I will replace with configurable if needed)

The design uses 3/4" pvc for the arms, this was to allow for custom fitting to my kossel and reduce print time. It worked incredibly well. I do not recommend using anything smaller than 3/4" but if you do, the design is fully customizable. I will be cleaning up code and adding comments shortly.

This mount greatly improved z artifacts, the side spool design on my Griffin is a poor design choice that caused too much tension on the filament which showed up as ripples.

Warning! I am going to add a "lock" eventually but for now when loading the filament there is no longer any friction to hold the spool in place. This is perfect during printing as the forces on the filament are very small, but when manually pulling filament the spool will quickly spin sending rings of 1.75mm filament everywhere, it sucks but the results are definitely worth it. I usually place my spool on the side or floor while loading, then put it on the holder to minimize unwinding effect.

Note: The "caps" are not required, they were originally created to hold the arms to the pvc but the tolerance is so tight that arms are force fit. They do look pretty though. :D

Supports were only necessary for the platform all other parts print without supports.

I used open scad, but I have included a Blockscad (no download required XML file as a demonstration for those that do not have openscad.

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