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Tabletop Tri-Mode Spring Motor Rolling Chassis

Tabletop Tri-Mode Spring Motor Rolling Chassis adds yet another mode to my previous spring motor designs, "pull back windup".

While this small vehicle will not outperform my previous designs for distance, it does add a third mode "pull back windup" to the power and true coast modes of my previous floating pinion designs (here: and here: The previous designs utilized a single floating pinion ("Drive Pinion") that allowed the vehicle to truly coast by disengaging the rear axle from the spring motor, but depended on a knob or key to wind the spring. This design adds a second floating pinion ("Wind Pinion") that provides the mechanism for winding the spring by rapidly rolling the vehicle in reverse, thus no knob or key are required.

Video of prototype is here: .

You will need to purchase 12 "AS 568" size 221 (1 7/16 O.D., 1 11/16 I.D., 1/8" diameter) o-rings for the tires.

I probably forgot a file or two or something, so if you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Designed using Fusion 360, sliced using Cura 2.3.1, and printed in PLA on an Ultimaker 3 Extended.

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