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2017/03/14 - added a new canopy - windows are separate and can be printed in color, also the frame is in 2 pieces so it can be printed nicely. also added a cannon bullit with a mounting cut. enjoy!

add onn kit for a G1 Rotorstorm figure.

the wings and the canopy are here! so is the beta version of the tail ends, these still require some work.
i'm still working on the canopy, but here you have the rough model. wings are final and tested.

ok so this is becoming more and more ann add-on/rebuild kit for a Rotorstorm G1. i have just finished the canopy and modified the rotor from the Warbotron project, so that it will rotate nicely. it still comes tight time to time, so i just use a 5mm drill to get it spinning nice and easy (drill the slider part through, it should be 5mm on the inside, the pin is 4,7 once you have 5mm on the slider it rotates freely).

as of the project.

right now have a full articulation of hands and legs with no need to damage the original figure. I have copied the legs so that You don't need to split them and drill out the connecting slab (You can still do that if You feel competent, depends on the result You want to accomplish)

we have:

shoulder mounts,
arms (are not essential, but if you want them to color match the printed legs than they will need to be replaced)
hip balljoint section
feet with hinges
rotating rotor
in order to open the body You will have to knock the tail pins out.
i'm still working on some minor improvements. will upload ratchet rings for legs soon, as well as the balljoint for the head.

the original head is not suitable to be articulated, so i will just make a peg for the head You can find in the Warbotron->rotorstorm conversion kit.

also planing to recreate wings and tail-ends. need them to complete my junker :]
stay tuned!

the project is free but it would be nice if you gave some appreciation and contributed so i can keep wasting my time on doing cool stuff like that ;) if you want to contribute please pm me or go to

thanks and enjoy!

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