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Case / enclosure for Adafruit's ESP8266 Huzzah Breakout Board

Best used with male headers soldered top-side. Try using the asterisk cutout to organize if free wiring.

Printing notes

This case was designed around a 0.48mm extrusion width. This gives the features on the case a bit of added strength. If the case isn't printing quite right, try adjusting the slicer's extrusion width.


The two buttons are held in by a toe-like lip (so if the case gets flipped upside down the buttons don't go flying everywhere(!)). To insert them, put the toe in first and press it in at an angle. Depending on your print a bit of filing or cutting may make insertion easier!

Dust covers

There are two covers to keep things somewhat clean. They're optional and are included in the 'everything' plate as well as separately.


2017-08-17: Added a case with slots for bottom side headers.

2017-03-15: Increased the size of the header cutout and made the asterisk cutout a bit sturdier.

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