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Open Source Laboratory Sample Rotator Mixer

This is a laboratory sample rotator designed so that can be used for tumbling as well as gentle mixing of samples in a variety of tube sizes by mixing them horizontally, vertically, or any position in between. Changing the mixing angle is fast and convenient and requires no tools. This device is battery powered and can be easily transported to operate in various locations in a lab including desktops, benches, clean hoods, chemical hoods, cold rooms, glove boxes, incubators or biological hoods.

For a complete BOM, the code and instructions see main source page and paper here:
* Karankumar C. Dhankani, Joshua M. Pearce. Open Source Laboratory Sample Rotator Mixer and Shaker. ''HardwareX'' 1, pp.1-12 (2017). doi:j.ohx.2016.07.001 open access

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