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Modular Raspberry Pi Camera Cases

Note: This case needs M2.5 screws and nuts! The bill of materials with a source for getting these is listed below.

Extrusion Width

This case is also designed around an extrusion width of 0.48mm for strength (using a 0.4mm E3D nozzle) around small areas and parts. It makes a huge difference, so if the case isn't quite right, try adjusting the extrusion width.


5/12/2018 - These printables have been added to allow even more customization of the camera system.

Assembly / Printing

Choose one of the cases below (they're plated together according to filename). They're also available separately for expansion (if a larger arm is desired, more/less sections, etc).

Bill of Materials

This BOM lists the amount of screws for each setup. In reality, everything is usually sold in 25+ quantity packs, so just buy M2.5 screws and M2.5 hex nuts. There is extra spacing to use nylock nuts too if desired.

Of course, if you're set on doing so, threading a bit of filament through the holes and gluing everything together can work just as well (if no future adjustments are desired). Zip ties also work, but don't look as good.

Various configurations

To split these for arranging on a bed in Slic3r, use the 'Split' option at the top [next to scale/cut]. These files include the v2 camera enclosure by default. The bottom-most stand is separate as well.

Pi Zero Case + Long Arm

Long Arm

Multi-jointed Arm


RPi OEM Backpack

Hardware source

(I don't have a good source for a metric hex key, but an appropriately sized one should be in many repair kits and multi-tools)

Trimcraft Aviation RC

Materials Used (1.75mm PLA)

(These are the various types of PLA used in the photo above; basically a mix-and-match of whatever was loaded into the machine on the day that these were made)

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