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USS Enterprise Original Series

This is the original Enterprise. Well, one of the three used in production. Based off Alan Sinclair's Blueprints, which are regarded as the most accurate available.

I am trying to upload the high-rez version as well, but YouMagine is sloooowwwww.
I have a great fondness for this ship since as a child, it was the one that broke the mode of flying saucers and tube rockets. A truly revolutionary design that has spawned many great versions through the decades.

The stand is included here to be combined as one color or made as a two color print. Sized for this model. The stand can hold a printed version of the ship at 110% as well (In Photo)

I had seen comments on other Enterprise models about 'red errors' and non-manifold shapes. I have added an x-ray view to show the lack of such errors so you can be confident in printing without errors.

The print shown was printed at 1mm level.

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